Sprinkler Winterization in Toronto

House with snow in TorontoWith our winning combination of technical expertise, customer focus, and competitive pricing, we don't think you'll find a better team for your Toronto sprinkler winterization needs. We can perform the winter blow-out for any PVC or polyethylene-piped system, using only the safest and most effective methods.

Thermostat showing freezing temperatures in Toronto

Why Call Us for Your Sprinkler Blow-Outs?

We don't play games with scheduling

If you wait too late for your sprinkler blow-out, or if you call a sprinkler company that doesn't get there in time, it could cause costly damage to your sprinkler system.

While other sprinkler companies and handymen have a bad habit of scheduling every call that comes in, whether they can get to it or not, we have more respect for our customers than that. Our dispatchers have the experience to make sure that if we schedule a job, we can get to it when we say we will. Our dedication to our job and our clients means that we will go to great lengths to never miss an appointment

We know how to use our equipment

Air compressor used for sprinkler winterization in TorontoEvery year we get calls from homeowners who thought they could save a little money by hiring a handyman with an air compressor off of Kijiji, or do it themselves. The truth is that it's easy to damage your sprinkler system by using too much pressure or ramping it up to quickly. You can also use too little pressure and leave some water in your system, causing costly freeze damage.

Smart Toronto homeowners know to call a professional sprinkler company to handle their sprinkler blow out, because they know the job will get done right.

We give up-front pricing for sprinkler closing

Larger and smaller sprinkler systems can occasionally take different equipment and time to close, but the good news is that we give up-front pricing for all work.

We can also handle your spring opening

Of course, a sprinkler closing won't do much good if you don't open it up again in the Spring. Our Toronto sprinkler closing team can handle that too.

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